The Front End Developer

A professional in IT and/or web design, the Front End Developer produces cost-effective, easy-to-use websites thanks to programming languages. Find your Front-End Developer on Coworkees according to skills:

-Javascript: This developer uses the most common HTML language to code the website and then animate a web page.

-Web Integrator: The Web integrator creates a functional model of a website on the basis of the graphics model. This gives an overview of the real results for a website on a browser by transposing the webdesign on the internet.

-HTML5 Integrator: The integrator creates pages for a website in HTM5 format using CSS3 style sheets. On the basis of the graphic models, the HTML5 integrator creates a functional model that makes the site visible in a web browser for an overview of the final result.

-CSS3 Integrator: The integrator uses the HTML5 format to create a functional model for the website and act as a bridge between the design and the internet.

-AngularJS developer: The web developer uses the AngularJS framework developed by Google to publish websites online.

-Ember.js: The developer specialises in development of mobile applications with much interaction with users.
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