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Paris, France
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BS Business Administration
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 Founder, CEO, Talent Fountain

Talent Fountain works with early-stage, venture backed technology companies in the areas of talent management and recruitment. We prefer to work with hyper-growth companies building exceptional products and services where the founders have a real commitment to people strategy.

 Staffing Manager Europe, Google

Led and managed 7 teams across 4 countries (60+ individuals) to deliver staffing solutions across the EMEA marketplace including; sourcing, staffing, and graduate recruitment Created, organized and led the global Social Media in Recruiting task force establishing a global message and presence on multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) Focused on continual improvements in process flow, idea generation, productivity gains and results leading to achieving hiring targets quarter after quarter Eliminated agency use (saving 1MM USD), restructured teams and built a highly capable, cross-functional team able to work together across borders on improvement and innovation Conducted a global audit of Google’s staffing function to identify best-practices resulting in a complete re-organization and streamlining of the 300+ person team for improved results


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