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The importance of knowing how-to-be

Currently a Trainer and Support Worker for discovering how-to-be, interpersonal know-how, Image & Self- esteem, Marielle Frick has a pronounced taste for human relations challenges and has successfully dealt with several related missions.

A committed woman, she was the National Vice-Chair and presided over the IDF delegation of Action’elles from 2007 to 2012.

She began her career in 1993 as a designer at Max Chaoul and co-directed the rapid development of the brand. In 2004, this experience led her to create Cocon & Papillon, a line of textile, fashion and homeware items, 100% cashmere, manufactured exclusively and made-to-measure in France. In parallel she designed specific original training in "apparel education" to transmit her basic knowledge of adding value.

In 2009, she was responsible for customer relations at Cartier and enhanced the house’s interpersonal know-how skills.

Her different experiences encouraged her to return to University and qualify as an adult trainer. Her research explores knowing-how-to-be themes.

In 2016 she wrote a book "Savoir-être, la voie de l’envol…". Her approach suggests the pathway anyone can follow to for a basic understanding of how to optimise collective success. She is a know-how-to-be and know-how coach and trainer in an interpersonal relationships, image and self-esteem for enterprises and individuals. In parallel, Marielle runs a course at the University Paris 8 on knowing-how-to-be and she tutors ISIT students undertaking enterprise creation projects

Marielle FRICK, a professional how-to-be Coach has been a great sponsor for us. We met her at the start of the Coworkees adventure, and she immediately added that little extra which made all the difference to our project!

Together, we have constructed a new methodology to create competent teams suited to every user of our service!

Marielle, can you explain your work and the impact you want to make?

Thanks to training and coaching each individual clarifies their motivation, values and needs... and this incentivises them to act, interact and sometimes react. To bring out their overall personality and consider, or even anticipate the way they appear to other people.

Collaboration shared by professionals aware of their limits, their expectations and the way they work... this saves time, limits misunderstandings and optimises commitment. My task is to help develop this win/win relationship.

Why did you join the Coworkees adventure?

Freelance work is truly a source of pleasure besides professional and personal satisfaction if the enterprise and the freelancer manage to connect. The professional world of tomorrow will develop this type of relationship. Coworkees is the right tool. Julie's personality is enthusiastic, creative and highly professional. It seemed just right from the get-go and this feeling was reinforced by ideal human qualities.

What objectives did you set together for the project?

Our common objective was to respond to the following problems:

  • How to enable enterprises to be more flexible while improving their efficiency?
  • How to profit from every type of skill?
  • How to connect the right people at the right time?
  • How to establish a win/win relationship between the enterprise and the freelancer?

In concrete terms, can you explain the methodology established and how it works?

The integration of knowing-how-to-be in the presentation criteria of each partner is based on personal questioning.

The challenge is to prepare a skills inventory showing openness to the world, interpersonal intelligence, a capacity for action.

Each player in the relationship (representative of the enterprise/freelancer) is invited to reflect on their impact and consider this aspect with a view to successful co-operation.

The objective is to be yourself and optimise your joint performance and well-being.

Any advice for future members of the community?

Have confidence, don't cheat, be yourself.

The more sincere your replies, the better the resources you will find for profitable and satisfying business.