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Wendy H.

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Rédacteur technique

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5.0 Saint-Jean-de-Sixt, France
Métiers & compétences
  • Rédacteur technique Expert
  • Responsable éditorial web Expert
  • Correcteur - Relecteur Expert
  • Rédacteur web Expert
  • Concepteur campagne newsletter Expert
  • Journaliste Intermédiaire
SEO English Proofreading Technical writing Website content Ski journalism
Expériences professionnelles
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Freelance writer


I'm an experienced writer of more than 20 years who has worked on assignment in Australia, England, the US and France. Throughout my career as a technical writer, I have enjoyed side projects such as running my own fortnightly entertainment publication in Cambridge and writing fiction. I returned to freelancing in 2017. Now, I write for various clients, sometimes under my pen name. A selection of previous clients and some non-freelance work is below. Ongoing roles include: • working with Overkiz (Somfy group) on smart home products; • writing articles and website content management for MadDogSki; • translating Snow Universe website content into English; • project management, editing work and SEO writing for OVO Network. • SEO writing and technical user guide translation for Webdyn Previous clients include: • community management and all sorts of writing for Element 13/LoudML; • Source Mizu (editing a book describing various high-end restaurants and artisan supplies in Lyon); • Duckstore Productions (editing their English website copy for relaunch in 2018); • Activ'Annecy (translating into English and/or editing English copy for brochures); • Val Sports (translating their ski hire website from French into English); and, • various ghost writing jobs for authors of books and magazines (mostly in French food and tourism).

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Bachelor of Arts - 1994


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