I am a freelance:

My first steps

Coworkees means that free of charge, you can find projects that perfectly match your desires, skills and career plans!

Perhaps you dream of working in a specific sector or for a particular enterprise? Let us know, we will do everything to put you in touch!

Because we don't all have the same way of communicating and interacting, we have developed a tool for establishing relationships that considers your own interpersonal know-how.
Like a professional meetic, you will enjoy a unique enriching experience through contact with the client you really want!

You are not alone - our project management tool means you can join real working teams and facilitate your exchanges up to the final deliverable!

All your payments are secure and your administrative management facilitated. 

Contracts and payment

Validation of your estimates and invoices occurs online and is recorded on the platform. Payments are funded thanks to our financial partner. As a result, you will receive payment for your invoices as soon as they are validated by your client.

Estimates Automatic invoicing

You sign a mandate with Coworkees so that we can submit a model estimate and pre-completed invoice with your invoicing information and those of the client. This facilitates your admin management. We record your transactions and provide you with an annual statement that will help you with your tax declaration. All invoices are available from your dashboard.

Your Coworkees profile is a showcase!

Each solo mission or teamwork project can be posted in your news or Coworkees blog visible even to people not registered on the platform.
The inspiration blog showcases your work in various sectors (luxury, automobile, food, video games, etc.). Searches by type of advertising medium are possible (web, print, TV, cinema, etc.), or by sector of activity, but also for specific enterprises. Freelances who have contributed to successful projects are tagged on the various creations and the tag links into their Coworkees profile!

Clients score freelances and the average score obtained means you can optimize your search results

Thanks to our widgets, you can even share your profile elsewhere on the Web.

Show that you are unique

Our main aim is to offer you projects that match your skills and desires and clients with whom you feel an affinity!

We have developed an algorithm that considers everyone as an individual.

In concrete terms simply complete a questionnaire so we can understand how you work and then put you in touch with compatible clients!

Staff responsible for integration of freelance fill in the same questionnaire so we can create a perfect match!

Be yourself, you've everything to gain!


Being independent is not always easy and most of you lament the fact you don’t work in a team. Coworkees is the first website that means you can co-work easily and join professional teams! Another plus, an integrated management tool means you can exchange information and follow-up the progress of your co-workers in total simplicity! 

An innovative scoring system

Coworkees offers an innovative scoring system. A proportion of the score will be visible on the freelance's profile. These are scores directly linked to work performed (e.g.: reply or project deadlines met, deliverable matches the brief, etc.).

But that's not all, our aim is to coach freelances and enterprises so that their collaboration is efficient and everyone gains from every experience.
So, the non-visible part of the appraisal is worked on with a coach to take advantage of both positive and negative experiences and progress over time. 


The dashboard amongst other things, allows freelances to access their profile, their current or archived projects, their blog or diary, requests for invoicing, invoices and payments.


All missions are funded. So, you will be paid once the deliverable has been validated by the client!
From preparing the estimate, you can also create interim stages corresponding to payments.
We advise you to ensure these stages coincide with deliverables which the client can validate. 

What official documents must be provided and why?

Kbis status – Siret/siren and identity card of director

According to Regulation CSSF No. 12-02 of 14 December 2012 on combating money laundering and terrorism financing, all financial and banking institutions must know the identity of the beneficial owners of companies receiving funds.
So we must provide a copy of your articles of association to our financial partner

What if I don't yet have any documents? You can register with Coworkees pending receipt of your status information. However, you cannot issue estimates or invoices.

Sending us your articles of association does not pose any risk since they are accessible to anyone wishing to buy them online (for example on societe.com)

To invoice as a freelance according to the law on vigilance against clandestine labour, you must have a legal professional status (that of self-employed entrepreneur for example, or any other status that allows you to work as a freelance). To obtain your self-employed entrepreneur status, register on the site www.lautoentrepreneur.fr. Your SIRET/SIREN number will be issued within a month. To receive payment during this waiting period, simply state "in course of registration" on your documents. Once you have obtained your status, your mission can be completed and you will receive your funds.

CNI of the director and vigilance certificate

The vigilance certificate states:
- the identity of the enterprise (company name and address of registered office as well as the list of establishments concerned and their Siret number).
- that the service provider is up to date with payment of social security contributions.

For liberal professions, EI, EURL, SASU, you have 2 options:

1) URSSAF certificate, known as a vigilance certificate, can be obtained by clicking on their website:
- Connect using your identifiers
- Click on Exchanges with my URSSAF
- Click on My certificates
- In the scrolling menu "Request a certificate", select the certificate you want (Public contract certificate, vigilance certificate, Certificate of contribution to professional training, CSG/CRDS certificate)
- Click on Validate

2) The RSI vigilance certificate, can be obtained on the website https://www.mon.rsi.fr/
- Connect with your identifiers
- Go to the section: My Contributions

For the status of self-employed entrepreneur (or micro enterprise)
The vigilance certificate can be obtained on the website 
- Click on "Declare and pay online" (caution - you must register to make declarations and payments if you have not already done so)
- Enter your information in the form on the right to access net-entreprises.fr
- Select “Access declaration” on self-employed enterprise
- Then in the left hand menu select “Exchanges with URSSAF” > “My certificates” > “Of vigilance”

During the first year of work, it is sometimes difficult to obtain the vigilance certificate.
In this case, you must make
a sworn statement.

I am an enterprise:

How can Coworkees help me find freelances?

Finding the service providers, you really need has never been so simple:

Coworkees offers three innovative ways to recruit your freelances:

The magic revolutionary algorithm: Create a new project, describe the profile you are looking for using a simple form that can take account of skills, experience and specific professional knowing-how-to-be…. And find the service provider or even a multi-disciplinary team which perfectly matches your expectations. 

Think outside the box:

You are a freelance recruitment specialist and have developed your own methodology to discover astonishing new talent? Check out all the profiles registered on Co-workees, using our search bar.

They like you and will tell you so:    

We believe that joining a dream company is highly motivating and can generate even more creativity! So, we are offering freelances the chance to tell us who they dream of working for!                      

You want passionate people? Just take a peek!

How can I create an account?

The search bar is available before registration, but to meet and exchange with freelances you must create an account!

The account is free of charge - so we can get to know your enterprise and the project managers responsible for "recruitment".

Thanks to this information, we can help you find the freelances you really need! 

What is the purpose of an account?

It's very important to complete your client profile for several reasons.

First of all, describing your enterprise allows freelances to gain a better understanding of the mission and creates the desire to invest and reply as promptly as possible.
Also, this information is vital for the proper functioning of our algorithm. A partially completed profile would be inefficient.

And remember to fill in the legal and tax information so the estimates and invoices received are correct.

You can authorise up to 3 employees to search for service providers. Each of them must respond to a professional knowing-how-to-be questionnaire so that algorithm suggests freelances suited to joining their teams. The first person registered must validate registration of the others to avoid creating several accounts in your company's name.

Once the project is launched, you can invite staff from your enterprise to join the project and work as a mixed team using the tool we will make available. For example, one of your project managers wants to create a website. He/she selects a translator and a freelance developer for the project. Once the project has been created, he/she can invite the editor and graphic designer who are members of staff to join the management tool and work together.

You can also import your address book to send your creations to your clients or distributors, for example.

You can also register your projects and teams so that you can find them again for future similar projects.

A dashboard gives access to your profile, your projects and your administration (management of your account, invoice, estimates and appraisal of freelances). 

Why use the platform once the relationship is established?

Coworkees is not a basic website for establishing relationships. Once registered, you gain access to a large number of supplementary services.

We provide a management tool so that not only can you follow up your campaigns, but also create mixed teams (freelances, staff), and establish a schedule for each project and exchange and back-up your files.

Our aim: to facilitate management f your recruitment, project follow-up, administration and to ensure secure payment and deliverables.

Co-working with freelances has never been so simple!

How to start and validate a mission?

You can ask for estimates from several freelances, contact them and exchange information.

Once you have defined the mission and the various stages resulting in a deliverable, simply validate the estimate and fund the account.

At the end of the mission you will have 48 hours to validate the (...) [deliverable? – text missing?] 

Why fund a mission?

Funding provides security for both enterprises AND freelances!

The benefit of funding is twofold. One, you won't have to pay any advances which could get lost if the freelance doesn't pay attention and also, freelances can work with confidence. The payment stages corresponding to interim deliverables or to the finalised project.

Good to know: payment is not automatic, you can notify us of a dispute at any time.

What is the advantage of using a platform like Coworkees?

Thanks to Coworkees, management of your external resources is simplified.

Payments are secure, and your projects can be archived.
It's very easy to find again the service providers you worked with earlier and reissue invoices.

You need register only one service provider:

We have signed a mandate with our Coworkees so that we can issue invoices in their name. So, all you need do is register a single service provider with your purchase department for access to thousands of freelances!

Service providers validated by Coworkees and the community:

Each freelance is awarded a score by the client at the end of the mission. Those with the best scores are optimised in searches. The Coworkees team dedicated to service providers will also check the authenticity of profiles and skills of registered freelances.

Coworkees against clandestine labour:

If you are the sole client of a freelance, or if a freelance works for you more than 70% of his/her time, you become his/her employer!

To protect yourself under the law of obligation of vigilance on clandestine labour, Coworkees helps you find the best freelances to complete your projects.

In just a few clicks, you can find the specific skills that match all your needs! Don't hang on to a freelance at any price, we've got hundreds of service providers ready to work with you who can add that little extra that makes all the difference!

How to choose the right freelances?

Coworkees checks that freelances have fulfilled all the formalities and offers you many tools to select the ideal person.

You can also watch a one minute video presenting freelances directly in their profile, exchange secure messages with them, or contact them by Skype or phone.

Please note that for the last two options, exchanges are not backed up, since they occur off the platform. 

Why score freelances?

Coworkees proposes an innovative scoring system. A proportion of the score will be visible on the freelance’s profile so that the best in each category are optimized during searches (junior, intermediary and senior).

But that's not all. Our aim is to help freelances and enterprises work together well and to gain from each new experience.
So, a non-visible proportion of the score will be worked on with a coach to profit from both positive and negative experiences. 


The dashboard means you can directly access your profile, your projects, your diary, the blog, your administration and accounts. At a glance, you can draw up an inventory of your work and actions in progress or archived. 


Who are we?

Coworkees is a community bringing together passionate people from the communications industry. Our aim is to allow freelances and enterprises to meet and work together in total simplicity!

We are above all an innovative website for forming relationships which considers many criteria (skills, experience and knowing-how-to-be) to create a perfect match between enterprises and freelances and we also allow the team created to work efficiently using an integrated project management tool.

It's never been so easy to Cowork! 

Why create Coworkees?

In my professional life, I frequently worked with freelances. Being surrounded by experts is a luxury, but the search for specialised freelances can be a real struggle. Managing external resources and following up projects are additional obstacles which can discourage enterprises. On the other hand, freelances are frequently the most creative people but they find the concepts of prospecting and administrative management simply obstacles holding them back.

When I left my job as a project manager in the watch-making industry, I decided to investigate further and train myself in new ways of managing. My initial objective was to understand why the morale of staff was often at rock bottom and what solutions there were to achieve real progress in creating the enterprise of tomorrow

Given my extensive experience in advertising, in a few months I trained myself in graphic design (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop et Wordpress) and contacted freelances in the communication professions to gain a better understanding of their needs.

I then understood the challenges of the status of freelance, that is finding clients matching their wishes, skills and career plans!

I am convinced that the world of work is changing. The status of freelance is a solution to the problems of traditional employment, but it's still too precarious. 

With COWORKEES, I hope to provide an innovative and effective solution to facilitate working relationships between enterprises and freelances while offering the latter all the benefits they would enjoy if they were members of staff.

What is your vision of establishing relationships?

Good communication in the digital world is a real challenge which requires working with specialists in your own field.

A good graphic designer who is passionate about watch-making might not be the best person for your food business!

An editor specialising in extreme sports could write the content for your brochures or your website, but would he/she really be the best-placed person to describe your latest jewellery collection?

Each enterprise, each project and each individual is unique! We all have different skills, experiences and ways of communicating.

At Coworkees we want to add value to these differences by providing a tool to find the perfect match!

The best projects are carried out with passion and love, so join in the adventure and find your ideal co-workers! 

Who are our freelances and why create a community?

In France, there are already more than 700,000 independent workers, and their annual growth rate is 40%!

This is the main trend worldwide with more than 2,000,000 freelances in Spain and one in two workers who will become their own boss in the United States by 2020.

Being a freelance above all responds to a need for independence and flexibility for both staff and enterprises.

But it's also an effective way of specialising in specific domains for a fulfilled professional life.

The world of the enterprise is changing and launching yourself as an independent is also a response to increasing unemployment.

The aim of Coworkees is to bring together those who are passionate about communication! 

Why join our community?

Coworkees allows freelances to find projects which truly match their wishes, skills and career plans. Teamwork is finally possible and exchanges are simplified by an integrated project follow-up tool! Administration is a formality and payments are secure!

Coworkees means that in just a few clicks enterprises can find the freelances they really want, who can join their existing teams and add that little extra or the special skill that makes all the difference in successful completion of a project.

A smart integrated management tool for following up campaigns. Files can be exchanged, schedules prepared, deliverables sent to clients, printers, or posted in a blog and then backed up!

Payments are secure and an international team is available to exchange information and assist you in the formalities.

How does it work?

How to contact us

You want more informations : Access the contact form