And wham: A dream team!

Coworkees brings together passionate people around a common project, to create the best teams for every need!
Besides optimum high-performance results, above all this is a unique human adventure.
Rémi, UX Designer, Sophie, Artistic Director and Ux Designer and Coralie, Graphic Designer met to work on the ergonomics and design of our website.

Rémi, Sow, Coralie, could you tell us a little about your meeting?

Rémi : I met Sophie and Coralie when designing the Coworkees project. We got on well right away! We each had our own professional experience and our collaboration proved easy and full of good humour. (The girls confirmed this!)

Can you describe your project in a few words?  

Sow : A directory for matching needs with skills, ambitious projects with talented, passionate people. Incentivising people to work together. Simplifying procedures – allowing more space for creativity and team membership. Co-workees is a great project and highly motivating! As a freelance who had to cope “on my own” I often dreamed of a tool like this.

Rémi :  For the launch of Coworkees we tested the concept of training a team of additional freelances for a project ourselves. And I think we succeeded - there were no problems of big egos or anything like that. You just need belief and know-how, but also, you need to stay open-minded and listen to and learn from "colleagues".

Can you explain your profession and what skills you used for the project?

Coralie : I am a Graphic Designer, I created the visuals for the website and thanks to the work of Rémi and Sow I could use a highly comprehensive version of the desired content as the basis to help me in this task.

Rémi : I am a freelance Ux designer, which is fairly mysterious as a specialism. I try to understand the use of services or interfaces by users and then offer them ergonomic solutions which meet their expectations. I am located at the start of the website production chain and I try to maintain a horizontal vision throughout the whole life of a project.

Sow :  I am a Ux designer and artistic director. For this project my role was to supervise the design phase, to lead the persona workshop, create the map flow and use cases.

Have you worked in this way before?

Sow : I had already worked as a freelance on projects with other freelances, notably for agencies. But I must say I was rarely in direct contact with the team, as was the case with Coworkees.

What did you learn and appreciate most during this adventure?

Rémi : I liked the co-construction in real time of the website, with Sophie, Coralie, Julie our invaluable client, and Arnaud who rationalised all the development work.

Sow : The emulation which can arise from good team spirit. As a freelance you frequently feel alone and to create an atmosphere with colleagues while retaining professional independence, that’s a dream come true.

Coralie : We have developed trust, whereas we didn’t know each other before the project, and it was a very human experience.

Would you do it again?

All together : We really look forward to the next team project!