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How to start a project on Coworkees

Coworkees allows you to build your team for a specific project or to complete your team with new skills.

I am autonomous

and want to look for a freelancer or create a team myself

I want to be advised

on my brief and the search for skills or team building

I use the matchine or the search engine

and I select my freelancers quickly and easily.

I contact the experts

to validate their suitability for my project, I receive their quotes and make my choice.

I sign up

and I follow the progress of my project with the help of the platform's tracking tools.

How to easily follow your projects ?

Coworkees provides you with tools to allow you to follow the progress of your projects.

For my short term projects

Discover our collaborative tool to monitor team projects and work easily with your freelancers (deadline management, exchange of information or documents, follow-up of tasks defined in the quote...).

No more fishing for information! Experts are also evaluated on their ability to communicate with you and provide you with a maximum amount of information through the tool!

For my long term projects

It's very simple, a contract and NDA are signed online. Your freelancer fills in his time spent on your project or in the company on our HR tool and an invoice is automatically sent to you at the end of the month.

Which projects to entrust to freelancers?

You can entrust them with all types of projects related to marketing and communication.

Our clients use freelance teams to outsource their projects or to supplement their own teams with the skills they need.

Internalising a skill

To complete your teams, you can call on experts in SEO, SEA, UX, UI, webdesign, analytics, writing, social media... for short or long term missions.

Outsourcing communication projects

Project management is done with a project manager within your company (employee or freelance) or you can also fully delegate project monitoring as you would do with communication agencies.

Coworkees, a trusted third party to work serenely with your freelancers!

We are aware that a number of questions can arise when working directly with freelancers. Therefore, we have simplified and automated all the tasks that may have been a hindrance for you until now.

The selection and monitoring of projects is easily carried out online.

Quotations/invoices and payments are just a click away.

We insure all projects with our Third Party Risk.

Administrative and legal tasks (signing contracts, NDA...) are automated.

The statutes and legal information of our freelancers are up to date and verified.

The freelance market


of work revenues are paid to independent workers in Europe.


revenues will be paid to independent workers 10 to 15 years from now.


10 to 15 years from now, 1 employee out of 2 will have an independent status.

Why incorporate freelancers in your employer brand strategy?


Attract and retain the best talent whose careers are at a crossroads (developer, computer technician ...).


Bring flexibility and agility to your management.


The best resources at your disposal solely for the duration of a project.


Developing a remote culture.


Developing a caring management culture through trust.


Challenge your teams, discover the best practices of other companies, and bring new ideas.

Together, let's re-inspire your company. Discover our solution without delay