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  • A number of innovative, successful search methods to rapidly identify the best freelancers or to create a team for all of your projects.
  • No imminent project? Create your freelance pool for a future project.
Find a rare gem in 5 minutes

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Coworkees, your trusted third party

A team work /project management tool to define deadlines, record working time, share agendas and files...

Our recruitment methods

Research engine

A search engine and elaborate filters enables you to locate a skill or to call on an existing team


Entrust your search to matchine and receive a selection of 5 profiles matching your criteria


A specific project? Discover our freelancers’ fixed-price packages!


Browse through the achievements of our freelancers, Discover a gold nugget and select and fall in love with your freelancers

The freelance market


of work revenues are paid to independent workers in Europe.


revenues will be paid to independent workers 10 to 15 years from now.


10 to 15 years from now, 1 employee out of 2 will have an independent status.

Why incorporate freelancers in your employer brand strategy?


Attract and retain the best talent whose careers are at a crossroads (developer, computer technician ...).


Bring flexibility and agility to your management.


The best resources at your disposal solely for the duration of a project.

Together, let's re-inspire your company. Discover our solution without delay