Back End developer

Back-office specialist in all aspects of a web project which are not visible when using a website; find your Back End developer on Coworkees according to skill:

-JAVA: A developer specialises in the creation of client/server applications.

-PHP: A developer of web pages using an http server; he/she can easily create dynamic websites and web applications. The PHP is the most widely used programming language in the world.

-RUBY: The developer has perfect knowledge of the Ruby programming languages for developing high-performance web applications.

-ZEND: The developer has total mastery of Zend, PHP, CSS, JavaScript and XHTML programming language. He/she is particularly recommended for retail websites.

-SYMFONY 2: This developer uses a PHP framework: Symfony2, to create websites and web applications. This is the tool most widely used by web developers.

-PYTHON: The developer uses the Python programming languages which automate repetitive tasks on websites or web applications. He/she can quickly develop a site (retail, institutional, blog).

-SCALA: The developer uses a programming language which can be used on any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). Ideal for programming games on the internet.

-C#: The developer uses software #C.NET owned by Microsoft used to design applications.

-WordPress: The developer is responsible for developing websites using CMS WordPress (the most widely used worldwide). He/she can optimise the website and contribute to search engine optimization.

-FULLSTACK: The developer intervenes on both the Front-end and Back-end of websites and applications.

-SPRING: This developer uses the Spring framework for constructing and structuring JAVA applications which can be adapted for many projects.

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